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Sukuh & Cetho Temple

Candi Sukuh and Cetho Tour

Sukuh and Cetho Temple Tour of Solo, Central Java
Sukuh Cetho Temple Tour

Solo Tour offers several stunning tourist destination. Among them are Sukuh Cetho Tour. Sukuh & Cetho Temple are located in the slope of Mount Lawu, Central Java. Sukuh Cetho Temple is built around the 14th – 15th century, most recent temples built in Central Java. They were built by the last Hindu King before the conversion to Islam.

From Solo City, it will take 1 Hour drive to reach the temple, passing thru beautiful landscape including Tea Plantation of Mount Lawu.

Sukuh Temple

Sukuh temple is located in Berjo Village, Argoyoso district, in the slope of mount Lawu 35 Km east of Solo at a height about 910 m above sea level. The temple stretches from the east to the west with the main gate in the west. Sukuh Temple is decorated with wayang stone carvings of Hindu origin, the only erotic temple in Java. The stepped pyramid is like the ones in South America of the Maya culture. Candi Sukuh can be considered to be one of the interesting Hindu temples in all of Southeast Asia.

Sukuh Temple Solo Java Bali Tour Overland

The Sukuh Temples are distinctive compared with other ancient temples in Central Java such as Borobudur and Prambanan, and its uniqueness lies in the landscaping, statuettes, and relief. The temples occupy an 11,000m2 area and consist of three terraces, each connected with an ascending alley. The most influential part is the last terrace, at the very back of the compound. At this very sacred area, once erected a homogeneous phallic statue, which is now displayed at the National Museum, Jakarta.

The view surrounding the temple is alluring. The road to this temple with impressive grandeur is surfaced all the way. The structure and the mood of Lawu Temple are different from other temples in Java, it is built like a Maya stepped pyramid, and so it is worth seeing.

Cetho Temple

Candi Cetho is situated further up the Candi Sukuh temple in the mountains. The temple is at an elevation of five hundred meters or 1630 ft above the sea level. One can get a splendid view of the city from the temple. Located high up on the mountains one will certainly enjoy the nip in the air.

Cetho Temple Trip Candi Cetho Tour

Inscriptions found here is evidence to the fact that the Candi Ceto temple dates back deep into history. Some of the dates found inscribed here are AD 1468, 1472 and 1475.then continue to Candi Sukuh popularly known as the Sukuh temple is situated at Desa Berjo, Karangpandan and stands at a height of 910 meters on the slopes of Gunung Lawu.

Another interesting and controversial factor of this historical site is the artistic relief on its floor, which depict male and female organs symbolizing the birth of life. This kind of construction is common in prehistoric time, especially in the megalithic era of pundan berundak (terrace grave). The temple consist of three terraces, the first terrace is the lowest level, followed by the second and the third above it. The terrace are connected with stairs to each other, each of it has an entrance gate. The temple has believed to be constructed in the 15th century during the declining years of Majapahit Empire. The relief found beside the first gate are believed had mean (sengkalan) reads Gapura Buta Aban Wong and Gapura Buta Anahut Bubut, meaning the year of 1359 saka or 1437 AD.


1 Day Sukuh Cetho Trekking Tour

Duration: Approximately 10 hours

Experience the tranquility of the landscape between Cetho Temple and Sukuh. Trek through picturesque mountainous villages, see unique carvings, and indulge in a traditional mouthwatering lunch.


Morning time after breakfast, pickup from your Hotel in Solo. Then head toward the lush tea plantations of Mount Lawu. From here, you start your ascent to the mystic Cetho Temple, a Javanese-Hindu temple dating back to the 15th century. Wander around the complex and learn the history and legends behind the temple, which displays unusual fertility carvings and other Hindu elements.
Continue your trekking adventure and pass by small mountain villages, traveling across paths that cut across tea, vegetable, and fruit plantations that are tended to by locals. Then after you reach Sukuh, follow your guide and explore this imposing temple that displays stone carvings of phallic Hindu symbols, like the god Shiva.
On the way back to Solo, we will stop at Ndoro Donker Restaurant located at the Tea Plantation area for your lunch. Late afternoon, proceed back to hotel.

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