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West Papua Tour

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West Papua Tour visiting Raja Ampat

West Papua Tour MapWest Papua Tour offers cultural and natural highlight of Indonesia. West Papua Tour offers from worldfamous for its picturesque islands and islets and an amazing underwater life in Raja Ampat, to the most sophisticated tribal such as Dani Tribe in Baliem Valley.

West Papua also known as Irian Jaya is a hot, humid island rising from the sea with some of the most impenetrable jungles in the world and yet also has snowcaps covering 5,000 meter-high mountain peaks, towering over glacier lakes. West Papua is Indonesia’s largest and easternmost province and covers the western half of the world’s second largest island. It is a land of exceptional natural grandeur, with beautiful scenic beaches, immense stretches of marshlands, cool grassy meadows and powerful rivers carving gorges and tunnels through dark and dense primeval forests.


One of the most organized trip to West Papua Tour is the Baliem Valley Tour where the Dani Tribe settle down. High up in the mountains of West Papua at an altitude of 1,600 meters above sea level, hemmed in by steep green mountain walls, lies the stunningly beautiful Baliem valley, home of the Dani tribe.

Baliem Valley Tour visiting Mummy Baliem Valley Tour

The legendary Baliem Valley is the most popular and most accessible destination in Papua’s interior. The Dani people who live here were still dependent on tools of stone, bone and wood when a natural-history expedition led by American Richard Archbold chanced upon the valley in 1938. The Dani have since adopted various modern ways and new beliefs, but the valley and surrounding highlands remain one of the world’s last fascinatingly traditional areas.

If you had a change to Travel to Baliem Valley around August, you might want to spend your time between 8th – 12th of August for the famous Baliem Valley Festival. This when all the diverse tribes from the highlands of Wamena and the Baliem Valley such as the Dani, Lani, and the Yali congregate to celebrate their annual festival.


Raja Ampat, a group of small islands off the coast of West Papua, has become somewhat of a dream destination for divers and beach lovers alike.

West Papua Tour visiting Raja Ampat Raja Ampat Tour Raja Ampat Tour visiting Talaga Bintang

Amongst divers, the name Raja Ampat is uttered with reverence. This archipelago of 1,500 islands in northeastern Indonesia is part of the Coral Triangle, which contains some of the richest marine biodiversity worldwide.

Raja Ampat Tour offers many different thing beside the underwater life. Raja Ampat Island Hopping tour is one of the most organized trips. You will pass bays, limestone cliffs famous for Raja Ampat, smaller islands, local villages and if you are lucky you see dolphins jump out of the water. You will go to Manta Point, where you have a chance to spot big Manta Rays and by wooden canoes you can peddle through a small spectacular waterway along mangroves and above corals. Without a noisy engine you can fully obserb your surroundings. If you are lucky you can see turtles and the very lucky ones could even spot dugongs!

Trekking and Adventure trip in Raja Ampat can also be very interesting. The diversity of wildlife, nature and the many unique floras in the island can make hiking on land just as rewarding. On a birding trip you can hopefully catch a glimpse of the birds of paradise.

Carstensz Pyramid Expedition

Carstensz Pyramid Expedition

The mountain was first climbed in the 1960s by an expedition led by Heinrich Harrer, of Eiger North Wall fame along with New Zealand author & climber Philip Temple.

Cartensz pyramid located in the heart of Jayawijaya mountain range in the Indonesian territory of West Papua. Carstensz Pyramid is part of Lorenze National Park and Sudirman range. Condition & weather is unpredictable; it can be 1-3 days raining, snowing, and cloudy. Our base camp to summit track condition is sand, Rock, sliding rock, water slide, & sometimes snow. The climb is on beautiful, sharp lime stone. Your time experienced by this un-regularly chance

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