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Bird Watching Indonesia

Birding Indonesia

The Best Spots for Bird Watching in Indonesia

Indonesia’s reputation as a paradise is held up not only by idyllic beaches and lush jungles, but also a rich variety of wildlife. The tropical weather and untouched rain-forests have sustained the existence of at least 380 endemic species and hundreds more migratory species.

Tangkoko National Reserve

Bird Watching on The Edge of Wallace Line

Sulawesi is one of Indonesia’s birding frontiers, and Tangkoko is arguably the most prominent and straightforward nature reserve on the island to bird watch. Located about one hour’s drive from Manado, North Sulawesi, this spot is home to a rich ecosystem of wildlife, from plants to animals, including exotic bird species. The endemic species in this nature reserve includes the elusive Maleo birds, Spot-tailed Goshawk, Pygmy Hanging Parrot, and Sulawesi Nightjar. The area is as alive at night as it is by day, when Minahassa Owls, Speckled Hawk-Owls, and other nocturnal birds emerge from the shadows.

Lore Lindu National Park

Birding combined with Megalith Tour in Central Sulawesi

Lore Lindu Birding Tour is a great choice of trip for Birding Enthusiast to explore Lore Lindu National Park, the greatest National Park in Sulawesi Island. Lore Lindu is home to 77 bird species endemic to Sulawesi. The National park is designated as part of the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves. In addition to its rich wildlife, the park also offering Lore Lindu Megalith Tour. The megaliths dating from before 1300 AD.

Kerinci Seblat National Park

The Fabulous Sumatra Birding Tour

Kerinci Seblat National Park is mostly known for being the habitat of tigers and tropical plants, but its wildlife variety actually includes hundreds of Sumatran endemic birds. Bird watchers have the chance to encounter almost all Sumatran endemics in this natural reserve, including the Salvadori’s Pheasant, Red-billed Partridge, Sumatran Peacock-Pheasant, Sumatran Treepie, and more. Although the park covers a vast 1.6 million hectares of forest, bird watching is usually concentrated in the Tapan Road or Gunung Kerinci summit trail. During the hike, tourists can also encounter unique plants species, like the world’s largest flower Rafflesia arnoldi and the tallest flower Titan arum.

Raja Ampat National Park

The magnificent Birds of Paradise

Although Raja Ampat boasts the world’s most diverse marine habitat, the area around Waigeo and Gam Island is covered in floral communities including Mangrove Forests, Beach Forest, Lowland Forest and Sub Mountain Forest. This broad variety of habitat offers respite for a wide range of animals such as birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, butterflies and plants. Many of these species are very rare or endemic to this area. As you can see the bird watching in Raja Ampat will be an exciting activity that you should not miss.

West Bali National Park

Ideal for a Short Trip for Bird Watching

Located at the tip of Bali’s northwest area, this natural reserve is among the most preserved environment on the touristy island. The beautiful nature makes a home for many endemic and exotic species, including the rare white Bali Starling, Sacred Kingfisher, Javan Hanging Parrot, Green Junglefowl, and many more. The park covers areas from hills and mountains to idyllic beaches, presenting tourists with a rounded wildlife tour and numerous different habitats.

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