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15 Days Asmat Korowai Adventure

Asmat Korowai Tour

Meeting Asmat and Korowai Tribe with IndoGlobal Adventure

Asmat Tribe is probably the most well known tribe in Papua (formerly called Irian Jaya). They become famous not only through their head-hunting practices in the past, but also because of their unique ideas and wonderful designs in woodcarving.

The name most probably comes from the Asmat words As Akat, which according to Asmat people means “the right man”. Moreover, it’s also said that Asmat comes from the word Osamat that means “man from tree”. The Asmat’s neighbors to the west, the Mimika, however, claim the name is derived from their word for the tribe- “manue”, meaning “man eater”.

The Korowai Tribe are a fascinating tribe only recently discovered in Papua New Guinea. Up until the 1970s, there had been no previous recorded contact between them and the western world. In fact, scientists believe the tribe may not have ever realised anyone else even existed other than themselves.

15 Days Asmat Korowai Tribe Adventure

BALIEM VALLEY: Sample Package Tour

Your arrival time at Timika estimated by noon, then drive to Timika down town for accommodation at Serayu Hotel. Rest of the day at leisure. Dinner included

Day 02 : TIMIKA – AGATS (B.L.D)
Wake up early this morning, soon after breakfast at the hotel, transfer to Mapuru Jaya where we will start our 7 hours speed boat or 12 hours by motorized canoe traveling on water to reach the Asmat area. There are two section of our trip to Asmat ; First, is a two hours traveling on speed boat in the river from Mapuru to Port site at the south coast and the Second, is a 6 – 9 hours traveling on motorized canoe through the Arafura sea. During our long trip to Asmat we make few stops at the village near by the river or at a small island near the coast for stretching our leg and lunch. Please arrange the bag and camera to be covered by plastic or dry camera bag that it will not get wet from the rain or splashing water in the canoe/speed boat during the travel on water. Also prepare and cover your body from the water and put some of the sun block/cream should we have to travel on an open canoe without roof top. The tide is hard to predict, but from November to February is the period where the high tide use to hit the south coast during the west monsoon. However, if the sea is very rough while we travel in the sea, we can opted to travel longer inside inland rivers avoid the high tide along the coast. We arrive in Agats late in the afternoon and overnight at Asmat Inn or Pada Elo Losmen. Our dinner will provide in a small food stall in Agats or our trained cook.

Day 03 : AGATS – SENGGO (B.L.D)
Today we continue to travel up river on motorized canoe for approximately 7 – 8 hours to the village of Senggo in the north of Asmat land. There are more villages to be seen and visit during our trip in the river, and we might fascinated to see the forest and birds near the rivers. Lunch will be served on canoe or at a shelter/Befak near the river. Arrive in Senggo in the afternoon, we overnight at a simple guest house.

Day 04 : SENGGO – TIAU (B.L.D)
From Senggo we still continue travel on our motorized canoe further inland to the village of Tiau – up river of Dairam for 4 (four) house approx. During the traveling in the river we can see more of the wild life and local tribe (Citak Mitak) tribe fishing on their local dugout in the river. We arrive at Tiau village by noon, overnight at a school or at a church guest house in Tiau. Afternoon we walk into the village and explore the life and culture of Citak Mitak tribe.

Day 05 : TIAU – YANIRUMA (B.L.D)
Today, we travel further inland to the upper river of Dairam, our canoe will slow down when the river getting smaller and shallower and will reach the village of Yaniruma within 5 – 6 hours. We overnight at a simple guest house in Yaniruma and in the night we may visit the Korowai or Kombai family in their houses in the village.

From the guest house we walk 20 minutes down to a small river near the village of Yaniruma where we start our adventure in to the Korowai land by paddle canoe or dugout crossing the Dairam Kabur river. From the bank of the river we begin our 4 – 5 hours trek through the swamps, sometimes walk over the log or fallen tree and crossing the river with or without bridge. This is the topic rain forest in the vast-green lowland of South or Papua, there are many exotic things to be discovered and experienced but with a great deal with mosquito, swamp, heat and high humidity (85 – 100%). Our trek in the forest will support by our local porter who carry our bags or gears and will love to help you to do some difficult section of the trip when you need. we arrive in Dambol in the noon, and will meet the first Korowai family on their tree house. Korowai is a nomad people who always move from one place to another at least once every 3 years. They were not live in large group, that at every location of the tree house we only see 2-4 tree house built side by side. The Korowai also a great hunter who hunted pig, Cus-Cus, birds most of their time in life. After we met the Korowai and family on their tree house, we may interact with them help by our guide and experience their life. Overnight at our tent or at shelter we build near the tree house soon after we arrive.

Day 07 : DAMBOL (B.L.D)
Today we stay in Dambol and join the Korowai family to the nearby forest collecting foods including chop-down the sago palm tree and extract its starch and put the fish trap in the river. We should not stick on this kind activity but we can just find out what their activity would be when we are with them.

Day 08 : DAMBOL – DAYO (B.L.D)
From Dambol tree house we trek to the next tree house in Dayo for approximately 4 hours to learn and experience more of the Korowai primitive life and daily activity. Overnight at tent or at our shelter or on the tree house with our mosquito net

Day 09 : DAYO / HUNTING (B.L.D)
Today is a hunting day with Koroway men, we join them into the forest hunting Kassuari or another animal they use to hunting.

Day 10 : DAYO – YANIRUMA (B.L.D)
From Dayo we trek 3 hours back to the Dairam Kabur river then paddle canoe/dugout or another animal they use to hunting.

From Yaniruma we travel back down river to Senggo. We go faster then when we came as our motorized canoe heading down river. We arrive in Senggo late in the afternoon or in the dark depend on the weather and water level in the river. The more water in the river the more fast we travel. Overnight at guest house in Senggo.

We continue travel on our motorized canoe, heading down river of Siretsj then on another large river of Betsj. We likely travel approx. 7 hours again to reach the village of Ambisu near the cost. Before we arrive in Ambisu, we make a stop at Atsj for reporting the Surat Jalan or Travel Permit at the police station there and we may visit one of the long men’s house or Jew is Atsj with a chance to buy arts from the local artist. Arrive in Ambisu, we overnight at a school.

After breakfast in Ambisu, we walk to the village and view the wedding ceremony show arrange by villagers in the mean’s house or Jew. after we photograph the wedding ceremony we travel up river to the village of Kawet to see more of the Asmat wild environment and culture. Walk into the village, visit the men’s house then travel back to Ambisu then to Betsj river again. After 1 hour traveling near the coast to Agats. Overnight at Asmat Inn or Padaelo Losmen.

Day 14 : AGAT – TIMIKA (B.L.D)
Wake up early this morning, soon after breakfast at the hotel, we will start our 7 hours speed boat or 12 hours by motorized canoe traveling on water to reach back Timika town , overnight at Serayu Hotel.

After breakfast at Serayu hotel, transfer to the Airport for your flight to the destination

~~~   End of Service ~~~

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