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Sulawesi Toraja Tour

Toraja Tour with Experienced Local Guide

A Place Where Fantasies Come Alive!

Sulawesi Toraja is the third of the best and most welcoming places in Indonesia to be at. Tourists from all over the world come swarming into the island as its beauty and hospitality have a magnetic attraction for them. Let’s see why people love visiting Sulawesi Toraja.

Why do tourists love coming here?

Seeing the scores of people accumulated you are bound to start wondering what attracts them all to this place. The tourists say that their friends and relatives who have already had a great time there recommended this place so highly that they felt like coming and exploring it themselves. The other reason is that they are repeat visitors whom the Sulawesi Toraja enthralled so much that they could not resist visiting the heavenly place a second time.

The rich and raw culture of Toraja Land and the loving and hospitable nature of people there touched the hearts of these tourists the most. The unspoiled land and the mysterious Toraja people make the experiences unique and full of life. Their haunted tomb is worth seeing as they are literally just holes carved out in rocks with precision and perfection. The Funeral Ceremony of Torajan are defenately one of the highlights in Toraja Land that must be seen. Exploration of architecture and Tana Toraja tour are other major attractions of Sulawesi Toraja.

Explore Toraja Land culture while it’s still Intact!

The Toraja Land better known as Tana Toraja lies 328 km away from Makassar (Ujung Pandang) in the north, the capital city of South Sulawesi. It covers 3,205.77 km and has a population of 437,843 spread across its 65 villages and 2 towns of Makale and Rantepao. Not to forget those thousands of people who have jobs, university or businesses outside Tana Toraja! This beautiful and exotic land has majestic mountains which feel pleasing to eyes.

The twists and turns of the pathways and a long drive through the lowlands takes us to the high mountainous zone of Tana Toraja. The sights and ambiance are so welcoming and have a unique character. Several kinds of trees mark the top of limestone covered mountains. The coffee, bamboos and pine trees are particularly more famous and prominent. Clove bushes and wet rice terraces further enhance the beauty. The aesthetic appearance and breathtaking views combined with the religious rituals and ceremonies make Tana Toraja the perfect tourist spot in Indonesia.

Why IndoGlobal Adventure for your Toraja Tour?

IndoGlobal Adventure is the best option for you when you are looking for someone to arrange a tour of Tana Toraja for you. We provide your local guides, who understand the native culture and know all the folk stories circulating in the place. We also arrange Trekking, Camping trekking, Rafting, Orchid-trip, Motorbike Adventure, Mount Climbing, and Wild Adventures for our worthy customers. In addition to these, makassar car rental, motorcycle rental, hotel reservation, Bus ticket reservation, Toraja off beaten treks, and culture tours are among our top services. We also give information on Funeral Ceremonies held in the place too.

So, make sure that you do not miss out on the fun and information that you can have in Tana Toraja while you are in Indonesia!



How we arrange your Toraja Tour:

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