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Tangkoko Nature Reserve

Tangkoko Birding Tour

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Tangkoko is one of the most impressive and accessible nature reserves in Indonesia, and includes some coastline and coral gardens off-shore. About 30km from Bitung, the 8,800 hectares are home to black macaques, cuscus and tarsier; maleo birds and endemic red knobbed hornbills, among other fauna; and rare types of rainforest flora.

Tangkoko is an excellent spot for an adventure trip in North Sulawesi. Lot’s of place to go, such as The National Park, DuaSaudara Mountain, and a white sandy beach with a great coral reefs for relaxing after enjoying your amazing and unforgettable Adventure Trip.

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More than 150 of Sulawesi’s 379 bird species have been recorded in Tangkoko, including 47 sulawesi endemic. You should catch up with most of the park’s specialities in a 4 or 5 day visit. In addition to endemic kingfishers and hornbills, Tangkoko boasts six endemic parrots, Green and Sulawesi Hanging-parrots, Red spotted and Golden-mantled racquettail, Blue-backed parrot and ornate loriket. The cautious birder may also obserbe colorful hooded and Blue-winged pitas and Chestnut backed thrushes in the open forest understorey. Although Tangkoko was once famous for Kingfisher, their numbers have plummeted and better viewing is found elsewhere. Other highlights include friendly groups of Sulawesi macaques, shadowed by mixed flocks of yellow billed malkhoha, hair creasted drongos and spot-tailed goshawks, watching tarsiers (one of the wordl’s smallest primates)emerge from a daytime roots in a fig tree is a highlight at the end of any day. The Tangkoko – Duasudara Nature Reserve sits like a thumbnail on the tip of the peninsula. This 8,800-ha reserve is one of the most beautiful and accessible rain forests in Indonesia and despite its modest size, offers opportunities for treks from beach forest through gently sloping low-land forest and on up to cloud forests that cling to the edges of volcanic calderas. The reserve’s 3 volcanic peaks are the 1,109-m Mt Tangkoko, the ash cone of batuangus (450 m), which resulted from an eruption in 1839, and the 1,351-m twin peaks of Dua Sudara is almost bare of vegetation and has a new lava flow that extends to the sea, where a collapsed lava tunnel has formed a 400-m long cove with coral reefs and the only mangrove habitat in the reserve. the north coast is a series of crescent-shaped, sandy bays, separated by rocky headlands.

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Key bird species: Sulawesi Dwarf Kingfisher, Lilac-cheeked Kingfisher, Green-backed Kingfisher, Great-billed Kingfisher, Great Bare-faced Rail, Golden-mantled Racquet-tail, Scaly Kingfisher, Sulawesi Dwarf Hornbill, Knobbed Hornbill, Spot-tailed Goshawk, Sulawesi Hanging-Parrot, Pygmy Hanging-Parrot, Minahasa Owl, Sulawesi scops Owl, Ochre-bellied Hawk-Owl, Speckled Hawk-Owl, Sulawesi Nightjar, Red-bellied Pitta, Rusty-backed Thrush, Sulawesi Myna, White-necked Myna, Finch-billed Myna, Ochre-bellied Boobook

Beside famous among the bird species, Tangkoko Nature Reserve also have an Icon which is Tarsiers Spectrum, a 5cm size of monkey with a big eye and long tail. Only leave the nest during dark time and return before sunlight appear. The Black Crested Macaque (Black Monkey indigenous to North Sulawesi), cuscus and the Red-Knobbed Hornbills are several Icons among the Tangkoko Nature Reserve.

The crested black macaques (macaca nigra), endemic to Sulawesi, usually come in large social groups, and can be seen playing, fighting or grooming themselves. While the cuscus, a pouched animal can be seen among the trees when one is particularly lucky.

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Tarsiers are the smallest primates in the world – only about a fist size – who make Tangkoko their last refuge and are found only in Sulawesi. Tarsiers (tarsius spectrum) look particularly cute because of their big saucer eyes. Locals know them as: tangkasi. Since these are nocturnal animals they can be observed only at night.



Day 01: Arrival in Manado – Tangkoko Nature Reserve (D)
You arrival in Manado, meeting service, transfer to Batu Putih Village, Tangkoko Nature reserve, birding along the way (if possible) .
Overnight: Tangkoko Lodge Resort

Day 02: Tangkoko Tour (B,L,D)
Two days of exploring target species such as Red-backed Thrush, Lilac-cheeked Kingfisher, Green-backed Kingfisher, Ruddy Kingfisher, Knobbed Hornbill, Red-bellied Pitta, Spot-tailed Goshawk, Sulawesi Goshawk, Purple-winged Roller, Sulawesi Babbler, Blue-backed Parrot, Yellow-breasted Racquet-tail, Isabelline Bush-hen, Sulawesi Nightjar, Tabon Scrubfowl, Large Hanging Parrot and Pygmy Hanging Parrot. Sulawesi Dwarf Kingfisher, Ochre-bellied Boobook, Pied Cuckoo-shrike, Sulawesi Triller, White-bellied Imperial Pigeon, Silver-tipped Imperial Pigeon, Sulawesi Cicadabird, Sulawesi Hawk-eagle, Sulawesi Serpent Eagle and Sulawesi Short Crested Myna. A part of the day using an outrigger boat trip across mangrove forest to see Black-billed Kingfisher, White-rumped Cuckoo-shrike and shore birds. In the evening you’ll be introduced for nocturnal primate or Tarsier called Tarsius spectrum that can be found in the North Sulawesi only.
Overnight: Tangkoko Lodge Resort

Day 03: Tangkoko Tour (B,L,D)
Arise early morning, time for other endemic species; Dwarf Kingfisher, Ochre-bellied Boobook, Pied Cuckoo-shrike, Sulawesi Triller, White-bellied Imperial Pigeon, Silver-tipped Imperial Pigeon, Sulawesi Cicadabird, Serpent Eagle and Crested Myna. In the afternoon, birding continues by boat on Lembeh Strait looking for Sulawesi Masked Owl roosting on a cliff, Blue-rock Thrush, and with luck, Great-billed Kingfisher in the mangrove forest.
Overnight: Tangkoko Lodge Resort

Day 04: Tangkoko – Manadao / Airport (B,L,D)
After breakfast, depart to Manado / Airport for your next destination.

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