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Gorontalo Tour

Gorontalo Tour Package

Situated on Indonesia’s Sulawesi Island, you will find the province of Gorontalo. The area was originally a part of North Sulawesi Province, but in December 2000, Gorontalo achieved its independence. Gorontalo City is the province’s capital and largest city. Many travelers who visit Gorontalo do so by arriving in the capital before exploring further afield.

Gorontalo is an area featuring long coastlines, tall mountains, and lush forests. The region is home to an assort of wildlife and natural features. A number of endemic animals such as Maleo bird, Anoa, and Babi Rusa (Dear-pig) make their homes in the Gorontalo province.

While other areas of Indonesia are more developed and attract travelers from all over the globe, Gorontalo isn’t as built up and provides a more nature, authentic setting. The province’s infrastructure is still developing and one day could rival Indonesia’s tourist hot spots in the southern part of the country.

Off of Gorontalo’s south coast are a number of small islands. The chain is known as the Togian Islands and spread out from the Tomini Bay. Travelers, explorers, and adventurers love to visit the Togian Islands as they are unsettled. The island chain offers visitors the chance to explore a virgin area that is still unspoiled by the rest of the world.

Tomini Bay is well-known for the underwater wildlife that lives in it. Due to the warm equatorial weather that exists at Tomini Bay, it is home to sea life found nowhere else on Earth.

The bay and coastline bring scuba divers from all corners of the globe to Gorontalo’s shores. The cliffs around the beaches make for a dramatic setting that leaves visitors feeling like they are in a secluded tropical paradise.

Gorontalo Tour Packages

Sample of Itinerary for Gorontalo Tours

1-Day Whale Shark Swimming Tour

Whale Shark Tour Gorontalo

The 1-Day Whale Shark Swimming Tour is a unique experience that gives you the chance to get up close to the amazing underwater sea life in the bay. You will start your day with a delicious local breakfast at your hotel followed by a day of underwater adventure. You will be transported to Whale Shark Point to swim through the waters of Tomini Bay. There, you will snorkel in the bay alongside migrating Whale Sharks that range in size from nine to 12 meters long. Visitors can charter a boat and snorkeling equipment for the trip once at Whale Shark Point. Trips are limited to a maximum of four people per boating excursion. ~~~ End of Services ~~~

3 Days Gorontalo Pulo Cinta Tour

Day 1: Arrival Gorontalo – Saronde Tour
After arriving at Gorontalo Jalaluddin Airport, meeting service with IndoGlobal Adventure local team in Gorontalo and heading for port of Kwandang, North Gorontalo Regency. Along the way you will be accompanied by a professional guide. Arriving at the port, get ready to continue the journey to Bugisa island with a speed boat with a travel time of around 45-60 minutes. Arriving on the island of Bugisa, relax on 450m along white sandby beach. Lunch will be prepared at next Island call Saronde. Lunch at Saronde Island was very memorable because of its distinctive menu, which is grilled fish with spicy savory (dabu-dabu) and iloni grilled chicken which is a typical culinary of Gorontalo. Afternoon activities can swim and take a bath on the famous Saronde island with a clean and wide beach and enjoy the beautiful sunset or sunset on the island of Saronde while enjoying a typical Gorontalo fried banana. After dinner, overnight on Saronde Island.

Day 2: Saronde – Pulo Cinta Tour

Gorontalo Tour Pulo Cinta

After enjoying the sunrise and breakfast, the participants got ready to check out from the island of Saronde, and headed straight to Pulo cinta Ecoresort, Boalemo Regency with a travel time of 3 hours by road. after arriving at the dock of Pulo Cinta, the village of Patoameme, Boalemo, participants prepared to go to Pulo Cinta, which is famous for its Indonesian heritage by speed boat. Around 15-25 minutes arrived, the participants immediately ate lunch at the Pulocinta restaurant and then rested at each villa that had been booked by Oasis Tours Indonesia. Until the afternoon arrived, participants could enjoy the extraordinary scenery around the lovers. Riding on swings, swimming or even diving (optional) around the villa Pulocinta to enjoy the sunset. After dinner, overnight at Ecoresort Pulocinta.

Day 3: Pulo Cinta – Gorontalo Tour End
After enjoying sunrise, enjoying your breakfast at the restaurant. Free Program till checkout time. After checked out, we will immediately escorted to the airport by the IndoGlobal Adventure team. On the way to the airport participants will be invited to enjoy typical Gorontalo culinary, namely Corn Bout Pulut or called Milu (corn) pulo by Gorontalo people. Where the corn is white which tastes savory especially eaten with grated coconut mixed with small shrimp or papaya leaves for people who can eat bitter. In addition to boiled corn, participants can buy ilabulo, boiled peanuts, bananas and soursop. after the culinary is finished, the trip will continue to Jalaluddin airport and the participants return to their hometown.

~~~ End of Services ~~~

4 Days, 3 Nights Gorontalo Adventure Tour

Day 1: Arrival – Gorontalo City Tour

Benteng Otanaha Gorontalo City Tour Panorama Benteng Otanaha

You will arrive at Gorontalo City’s Jalaluddin Airport on day 1. From there, you will be transferred to Gorontalo City where you will tour the beautiful capital. On the tour, you will visit one of the tallest buildings in country, the Gorontalo Greatness Tower. The tower is a symbol of pride in Gorontalo and resembles the Eiffel Tower. The tour will then take you to see the province’s Governor’s Office and Parliament Office. While visiting the Parliament Office, you will explore Otanaha Fortress. The fortress was built in the 15th century by the Portuguese who landed in the region. While visiting Otanaha Fortress, you will be able to see the expansive Lake Limboto.  Visitors will also see Tomb JU Panggola, which is an historic Islamic area in Gorontalo. Founded in the 15th century, Tomb JU Panggola is a popular spot with the province’s Muslim population during Ramadan. After exploring the tomb and Iluta village, you will be transported back to your hotel for some rest and relaxation.

Day 2: Olele Marine Park Tour

Olele Tour Gorontalo Diving Tour

You will visit Olele Marine Park on day 2 to experience Gorontalo province’s coastal area. Olele Marine Park is situated 1-hour away from the Gorontalo City towards the Bone Bolango District. The area is well-known for being a beautifully, unspoiled spot with fascinating marine life. Upon arrival at Olele Marine Park, you will be served with refreshing coconut water. You will then be taken on an underwater tour of the bay with an experienced snorkeling guide. Your snorkeling adventure will be followed by lunch and a free program to enjoy.

Day 3: Saronde Island Tour

Saronde Island Tour

Day 3 will see you visit the exotic white sands of Saronde Island. There, you will check into a cottage provided for your enjoyment. The island is surrounded by crystal clear waters offering a great setting for watersports. An expert snorkeling guide will be on hand to take you to the best swimming and snorkeling spots on Saronde Island. You will also experience a free program following lunch.

Day 4: Gorontalo Departure
Following breakfast on the tropical paradise of Saronde island, you will be returned to Gorontalo City. After visiting Walima Gorontalo Mas on top of the hill that overlooks Tomini Bay, you will return to Gorontalo Airport for your departure from Gorontalo.   

~~~ End of Services ~~~

How we arrange your Gorontalo Tour:

First you may check out some of the above sample Itinerary and if you’re interested then we ask you to take a few minutes of your time to fill in the Reservation Form. From this form we learn about your preferences and will be able to arrange your very individual holiday.The schedule and the price of the whole trip will be sent to you by e-mail promptly. Study it very carefully and tell us if you want some changes to be made. We can help design the trips for you according to your age, capability, point of interests and any trips that meet your requirement with our flexible conditions.

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