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Why Toraja Tour is Always On Traveler’s Top List When Exploring Indonesia

Toraja Land – Ancestral Heritage & Toraja Tours

Emerging from the clouds, the Toraja is where the way of the ancestors is still being walked and where people of the uplands are welcoming the most curious travelers from all over the world. From Dutch colonisations, peaking in tourism and accepting Christianity, the rather small land of Toraja has seen a lot through its course of history. But today, we are more than privileged to witness the ancient land still preserved and cherished with its unique cultural and natural entities. From ancient heritage, fascinating architecture to striking landscapes and the funeral traditions that will blow your mind, the Toraja Tour is inspiring, beautiful and majestic and this is the story that will show you why to visit and experience it at least once in a lifetime is a must.


Exploring the Villages &Architecture

Kete Kesu Village, UNESCO Heritage Site

According to the Torajan myths and legends, the first tongkonan house was constructed in heaven by the creator known as Puang Matua. And from the first glance, these unique ancestral buildings truly look like that. These boat-shaped houses with a saddleback roof were one of the things that left a strong imprint while exploring the villages of Toraja.

In Sakonbong village I marveled at handwoven traditional linens, while Ke’te Kesu village was a prime example of the tongkonan architecture and ricefields beyond beauty that surrounded me. And that’s true with every village in Toraja as they are yet untouched, cherished and alluring giving a new perspective to the world and traveling.


Floating Above Clouds

Trekking around Toraja Land

Another element in the ancient land of Toraja lies in its exotic and breathtaking nature. From the very first moments upon arriving in these highlands, it simply doesn’t go unnoticed. And when it comes to that, there’s no place like Bututumonga. Trekking around Toraja Tour is also available around here.

Situated on the foot of the highest mountain in Tana Toraja, not only the ambiance to experience here is incredible, but charming grasslands, picturesque paddy fields, lush forests and highest peaks with stunning valleys gives an unmatched combination of what I like to call – wow!

The crisp mountain air I got to breathe was just a beginning, and I knew that something epic was about to come while lacing up the hiking boots.

I was tempted to take the ultimate prize home, the views of this ancestral and still authentic land from the highest summit of Mount Seasan. For completing the -hour trek to the top, I got promised clouds beyond my feet with an unbelievable panorama and a sunrise that was worth millions and Toraja delivered beyond expectations.


Intriguing Funeral Ceremony

Toraja Funeral Ceremony Tana Toraja Funeral Ceremony

The Funeral Ceremony in Toraja Tour, one of the largest events in this area where a person’s life is actually death and as a traveler from seemingly another world, a very contrast one for sure, this was a spectacle for the ages.

The complex burial ceremony is a death fest like no other. Slaughter of buffalos and pigs, fierce cockfights with traditional music and dances, it hits you like a tornado, but in a fascinating and unique way.

But before all that happens, the deceased person still keeps on living as a family member in the house, until the family gathers up enough resources to perform this mysterious celebration also known as Rambu Solo or Funeral Ceremony, a gateway to the afterlife. And that’s when I understood how, when and why all these hanging coffins and cave burial sites appear.

Death and perish here are welcomed with celebration for one’s life like nowhere else in the world, and this is one of the strongest and most impactful reasons why you should do the Toraja Tour, to be blown away by reality, just like me.


Why Exploring Toraja Tours with IndoGlobal Adventure?

IndoGlobal Adventure with Happy Client

Whether it’s a familiar destination or a distant land like Toraja Land, we all love to feel like we are on the right path. This is why you should always give IndoGlobal Adventure a chance, as our local toraja tour guide, taught and showed you some of the best highlights of this beautiful corner of the planet. All with knowledge and passion for the preserved heritage, traditions and beauty that Toraja is ready to reveal for any visitor. Are you ready? Check out our 3 Days Toraja Exotic Tour or 4 Days Toraja Cultural Package Tour. Beside that, if you have longer stay in Sulawesi, we also offering combination trip for Toraja and Bugis region like 5 Days Toraja Bugis Package Tour, or probably you want to explore the entire island of Sulawesi with our 12 Days Trans Sulawesi Tour or 21 Days Sulawesi Overland Tour. All tours handled with Professional Local Tour Guide.

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