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12 Types of Travelers, Which One Are You?

As with photography that is rife and has become suddenly popular lately, being a traveler or backpacker is also no less famous because many people are starting to enjoy even this one field.

It is interesting because by being a traveler to other regions or countries, someone will get a lot of knowledge and experience as well as a beautiful moment when traveling to visit these tourist destinations.

However, not all travelers can be said to be a backpacker or tourist, because everyone has their own goals and ways to be able to go to the places they want.

Here are the types of travelers that you should know and what type are you?

1. The Techie

This type of traveler is the type of person who buys a gadget or hi-end camera that they desire.

The Techie

The aim is to be used to capture their precious places or moments in a place and can be uploaded on their social media accounts to get a lot of praise and recognition.

2. The Partier

This type of traveler ‘The Partier’ is someone who likes to go to places that are going on an event, especially a music party or the like. A big city like Jakarta, Puncak, Bandung or Bali would be ideal place for them where all the entertainment located.

The Partier

On average they don’t really care about natural tourism or other things, just focus on the event they are going to follow.

3. The Guidebook-er

This type is the type of person who travels to a place or country based solely on the book or information they read and on average adheres to what they read or explained in that manual.

The Guidebook-er

But, the majority of the guidebooks understand many things that actually help other travelers when in a foreign place.

4. Solo Traveler

Solo traveler is a person who travels to his own place or area without being guided or with other people. And Indonesia is one of the country which is very safe for Solo Traveler specially for Female.

The Solo Traveler

The average traveler of this type has prepared everything in order not to encounter anything that can disrupt their journey.

5. Free Spirit

This type of person is the type of person who can’t be home all day. They will always look for ways to be able to travel and visit certain places or countries to fulfill their traveling desires.

The Free-Spirit

However, the average person of this type prefers things that are hedonist and like to be in a crowd.

6. The Foodie

The foodie is the type of person who travels to another place or country whose main purpose is to taste the region’s food or food. And Indonesia Food with lots of variety would be a very good choice.

The Foodie

After they have tasted, they will capture it and upload it to a social media account and give a word of review.

7. The Chatty

People who enter this type are more likely to communicate with people in the areas they visit.

The Chatty

Not just just having an ordinary conversation, sometimes they also do not talk to share information or tell about their experiences while being a traveler.

8. The Healing

The healing is a type of person who likes to visit certain places or countries that they consider peaceful and soothing.

The Healing

This is only to get peace of mind because basically they want to forget things that have made them anxious, depressed or stressed.

9. Budget Traveler

The characteristics of a traveler who falls into the On-Budget category are tourists who travel to a place or country with only limited money or funds or those who traveling in a long period of time, and need to make sure they are on the budget.

Budget Traveler

They will try to be economical in order to use the funds they have in just a few days or months. There are not many items they will buy, except those that are really needed. Check out our Toraja Budget Package Tour for information.

10. Cultural Explorer

People from this category are travelers who love to enjoy the beauty of nature and culture, including places that are considered historic or contain high heritage such as Bali, Yogyakarta, and Toraja Land.

Cultural Explorer

They like to walk in places that have a high historical side and then seek information. Sometimes, they also capture the places they visit to their social media accounts, then add an explanation regarding the history of the place.

11. Backpacker

The term one is certainly heard a lot or found in various places or media. Not even a few people call themselves backpackers. A backpacker is the type of person who likes to travel to a place or region or also another country by prioritizing freestyle and not bound by traveling rules.

The Backpacker

In general, these types of people will only rely on what they have prepared and they will carry it in their bags. The main core of a backpacker is to prioritize what they think is cheap and almost the same as the principle of On-Budget traveler. And if you are consider traveling Backpacking in Indonesia, check our Toraja Backpacker Tour for information.

12. Flashpacker

A flashpacker is a type of person who doesn’t like order or gets a guide from a travel agent. They like to travel as much as they want and find their own experience.

The Flashpacker

The average person of this type is not too economical in terms of spending but has a well-organized budget so that he does not run out of money while on the trip.

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